New demos for the next album

For Tetris fans with honed spatial awareness (and anyone interested), this is my bedroom studio space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I’m working on some demos for the next album. To reach that white chair you lower yourself down from the end of the bed balancing on the far right wall.

nyc studio

France, The Netherlands, Germany

Paris at Divan du Monde on Wednesday

Amsterdam at Paradise on Friday

Cologne at Studio 672 on Sunday

Berlin at Roter Salon on Monday

This is James negotiating the world’s steepest stairs. New Zealand’s Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) would have a field day.

amsterdam stairs

Europe tour

On tour with Lawrence Arabia and also trialling some of my new songs as the opening act. It’s my first thorough E.U soujourn, with the highlight (in terms of historical sites of importance) so far being van Eyck’s Adoration of the mystic lamb alterpiece at the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent.  Here’s Ryan, Anns and James outside. I guess this truck could have been more obtrusive.


End of the road festival

Playing violin with Lawrence Arabia – James in the middle, Ryan on drums. Van Dyke Parks, Grizzly Bear and Beach house also on the lineup and we camped in the rain. Jolly good time. eotr


In London rehearsing with Lawrence Arabia. James has grown a gargantuan me head. iphone photosynth app wo!

london rehearsal

Le Chateau D’or Music Academy Antigua

I’m in Antigua, the West Indies where I was born. Headed along to listen to the steel pan band run by Anthony Hampson. Thanks Cesaire, Francis and Arielle for letting me crash your practice and learn a little more about steel pan playing. You guys sound great!


Beleza Tropical

Rekindling love of this album I had as a kid.  It’s a collection of Brazilian pop hits from the 1970’s-80’s, compiled by David Byrne on the luaka bop labelBeleza Tropical